My name is S.Kheang and I was born in 1980 in a poor farming family in Kandal province in Cambodia. I am the oldest brother among 7 siblings. I finished high school in 1999. Because of poverty I could not pursue university which is what I really wanted in my life. I was employed as a food ingredient seller that sold on a car and moved around remote places over Cambodia. I worked there for about one year 2000-2001. After, I was employed as a worker in an artist’s house as a frame maker and mixed colors for the artist when he wanted to paint. I myself had potential as I could draw and paint something as I imagined which made me more interested in painting during the time I was living there. I traveled with my artist to many places where he had been working over Malaysia. Moreover, I practiced many types of works like wall carving, sculpture carving in many hotels and villas all over Cambodia. Furthermore, I spent one year to practice drawing at the temples in Siem Reap Cambodia in 2006-2007. After then I decided to open my own shop. In the beginning I felt both happy and worried because it was my first time. I felt less confident but soon I started to be confident when many customers came and bought my work and they all admired my paintings.

I love art so much, art is my life. I would like to dedicate all my good karma to all my Cambodian artists and to all my ancestors who have died because of defending art and good karma.

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Newest Artworks
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Price: $385.00
Price: $165.00
Elephants Army in Angkor Wat
Price: $795.OO
Apsaras 3 Temples
Price: $385.00
The King JAYAVARman II
Price: $1699.00
Price: $355.00$
Price: $485.00
The City
Price: $795.00
the BAYONS Temple
Price: $455.00
Price: $355.00$
Abstract MASKS
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