About Artiste

My name is S.Kheang and I was born in 1980 in a poor farming family in Kandal province in Cambodia. I am the oldest brother among 7 siblings. I finished high school in 1999. Because of poverty I could not pursue university which is what I really wanted in my life. I was employed as a food ingredient seller that sold on a car and moved around remote places over Cambodia. I worked there for about one year 2000-2001. After, I was employed as a worker in an artist’s house as a frame maker and mixed colors for the artist when he wanted to paint. I myself had potential as I could draw and paint something as I imagined which made me more interested in painting during the time I was living there. I traveled with my artist to many places where he had been working over Malaysia. Moreover, I practiced many types of works like wall carving, sculpture carving in many hotels and villas all over Cambodia. Furthermore, I spent one year to practice drawing at the temples in Siem Reap Cambodia in 2006-2007. After then I decided to open my own shop. In the beginning I felt both happy and worried because it was my first time. I felt less confident but soon I started to be confident when many customers came and bought my work and they all admired my paintings.
I love art so much, art is my life. I would like to dedicate all my good karma to all my Cambodian artists and to all my ancestors who have died because of defending art and good karma.

Light color life:
It seems quite open when we talk about art or painting so it is hard to give a correct definition; many people give a definition in different ways depending on what they experience. To me art is something that is not logical but it is very much in the spirit or mind. A painting will teach you how it affects to you mind and how you feel. To have a painting you need colors and the ability to draw with your mind and heart. Each of the paintings has a very deep meaning inside depending on the artist’s ideas and experiences. Color comes from light and the man creating the painting and each painting shows about life, sound, landscape activities, signal, tool, regime, culture, region, soul and the feeling of the artist. Looking at a painting is like reading a book because it tells a story. If there is a painting in a small narrow room it makes your room seem wider and more comfortable.

2007-2009 Exhibition in Gallery Old Market Area.
03/08-03/09-14 Exhibition InterContinental hotel Phnom penh.
2009 Until now Shivutha, Blvd. Kandal Market Area.
07/11/14 Exhibition in Art work Gallery2 Old Market Area.